Top designer kitchen splashbacks 2018

The kitchen is one room in every house where people spend a good portion of their life. It is for this reason that it makes sense that many people put a very large amount of importance in this room. One of the areas that seem to get neglected is that of kitchen glass splashbacks. This is an important part of the kitchen and yet it is not given the level of respect as the other areas of the kitchen area. There are a lot of interesting trends that are being used more and more to give this once neglected area of the kitchen the attention that it so rightly deserves. Let’s take a look at a few of the top trends that are emerging these days when it comes to the world of designer splashbacks.

Having a splashback that is ceiling height can actually be a very positive look for your home. There are many people that have taken this concept and used it to help design an area that really speaks for itself. One of the things that have come to pass that was an expected move was the doing away with cabinets on the wall and instead open shelves and windows. This, in turn, will leave you having to come up with a way to add some life to the newly opened space, this is where the use of a splashback that goes from the counter level all the way to the top of a ceiling will be one of the more popular ideas to use in a kitchen. There is so much that you can do with this so let your imagination free and see where it takes you in coming up with a splashback that works best for you.

The use of the traditional 3x6 subway tile is going out the door and instead, we are seeing a trend where the subways tiles that are being used are a lot bigger than this traditional size. One of the popular sizes that are emerging is that of the 4x8 and in some cases the 4x 12 size. This is a big break from what has been the traditional size of subway tile. With this new trend coming to the surface, you will want to look hard to see what you can do with this in regards to helping to form a new look for your kitchen. After all more than likely, it has been years since you had a remodel of your kitchen and now is as good of a time as any to make this drastic move in your kitchen.

The use of mirrored and metallic finishes has been growing in popularity over the last few years. This year there has been a boom in the way of using these finishes for a kitchen. It is a great way to add a certain sense of style and class to your kitchen and yet it manages to not affect the overall look of the room in a negative manner. Mirror finishes are something that more and more designers are using to help and give a kitchen a new lease on life without having to make drastic changes that will interrupt the overall flow of the kitchen. Another idea is to use tiles that have a metallic finish to them, this again can go a long way to helping a kitchen regain its identity or even give it a new one.

When shopping for kitchen splashbacks in Melbourne, you need to make sure that you consider the use of patterns. There is something that can not go said when you are talking about a kitchen splashback that is of just a plain design. This is in a word boring and will make the kitchen seem like it is just missing out on life. The use of a patterned splashback will avoid this issue and will help to give the kitchen a little life that it had been missing out on. Talking to your decorator when they come in to help you figure out what to do, make sure that you understand fully what it is that they are aiming to do and make sure that the splashbacks that are used will have some sort of pattern in it.

Don’t be afraid to use colors in your splashbacks the more color that you have, the more interesting that your splashback will be and the better that the kitchen will look at the whole. The growing trend is that more and more of these splashbacks are including colors in them to help and build a world that can bring new and interesting conversations into the mix on a regular basis. The more vibrant than the colors are, then the better that the end result will generally be. Try to avoid going with the obvious colors that everyone seems to always go with. Aim for something a little more out there and unique.

Going all in with marble splashbacks is a great way to help and improve an area that can at times lose its personality. 2018 has seen an increase in the amount of marble that is being used on these areas of the kitchen and as time goes by it will lead to more and more people seeing this as a viable way to decorate and thus give more decorators the ideas that they need for inspiration to decorate your kitchen in a way that will make it stand out. Don’t be afraid to try new things and see what works and what just seemed like a great idea.

All of these trends are what will go a long way to help and bring the world of kitchen splashbacks into the next generation and show people that with a little thought, they can have a unique look that will take their kitchen from drab and boring and bring it into the world of being amazingly awesome and something that when people come over they will want to show off and possibly get the start of some interesting conversations.

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