Don't make these mistakes with stage lighting!

What do you need for a professional stage lighting?

Having good lighting is very important in any type of setting, but is especially important on a professional stage. The light of the stage has to be able to set the mood of the environment and be able to help make the event professional and also enjoyable. There is a particular way to be able to get the lighting to be perfect in an event. Through out the years, there have been a number of new technological assets that have been able to make the lighting more easy and be bale to make it less complicated to handle.

The Importance of Having the Correct Lighting Equipment:

There are new light designs techniques that have helped in making the stage light perfect for any occasion. Having the perfect light on the stage is very important because the light is what helps out the audience be able to direct their attention to that particular spot. For example, this can be done when there is someone performing on stage, we would like the attention to be on that person performing and not on anything else. By having the light on that person who is performing, the audience will know to have their full attention there only. In order to be able to have the perfect stage light it is necessary to be able to have a wide variety of lights. As stated above, the lights on the stage determine the mood and the setting. In some cases, having softer lights will be more appropriate than having brighter ones. There are many different fixtures that are needed in order to be able to have the perfect lighting on stage. Every theater and every stage has their own fixtures based on what works best for them and their needs. In each fixture, there are several different light combinations that work together to help create the prefect setting based on the event and the occasion. There are different types of combinations that help get the perfect light. There are Ellipsoidal Spotlights and also there are Follow spots allow for precise placement of bright directional light. This is used when we want the audience to be focused on certain things through out the event. There are also Pars, or Floods that help enhance and be able to create washes or soft area light. This is used when we want the setting to be able to have dimmer lights. Cyc lights are used when the stage has many colors and want those colors to be accentuated through out the event or the performance. Some people enjoy adding LED lights when they are using Cyc lights to be able to make the background more stunning and more florescent to the eye. To sum up that information, one of the main ways to be able to get the perfect lighting on the stage is to be able to know the equipment and be able to have the best equipment possible. The most important equipment are followspots, fresnels, par cans, floodlights, cyc lights, strip lights, LED lighting and also automated lights. It is also very important to update and upgrade the equipment frequently to always be able to have the most advanced lighting.

Controlling the Stage Lights:

Another important thing to be able to do is to be able to have the knowledge and the experience to control the stage lighting. It is very crucial to take the time to get to know the equipment, the control signals and also the lighting consoles. It is always very important to double check that everything works correctly before the event or the performance. If this step is skipped, then something can go wrong, a light fixture might stop working, the console might not work to control the lights, etc. Having a good, up to date processor rack will be able to help restore and take care of all of the light equipment.

Knowing When You Need to Upgrade Equipment:

Something that is very important to be able to know how to do is to be able to tell if an equipment needs to upgraded or restored. Some indications that they need to be restored or upgraded are the following.

1.) There is flickering in between the lights. If there is flickering in the lights then it might be time to check the light fixtures and replace the ones that are about to stop working before the event or the performance. 2.) The data keeps getting erased or lost. This means that the memory is no longer working and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. 3.) If there are system crashes that require the entire set up to be restarted. This can take up time and be frustrating to especially if the stage set up has already been completed. It is important to get this fixed.

All of the things that were stated above can be fixed simply by buying a new rack possessor. That is why having a good one will be able to help avoid those problems. a processor upgrade is a quick and cost-efficient improvement to the system and there are many companies that work doing these types of upgrades.

All in all, in order to be able to get the perfect stage light, it is important to work together as a team and be able to get the most advanced light equipment that is possible. Having good functioning equipment and having the right amount of equipment will be able to make a huge difference in the stage . The person controlling the light also has to be comfortable and have the necessary amount of knowledge and the experience to operate the equipment. It is important for that person to take the time to get to know the products and the way they work prior to an event or a performance. Lighting is what sets the mood and the also helps create the setting, and having the perfect light will be able to make the perfect performance.

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